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Polymer and Composite Materials Processing (NSF, ONR, AFOSR)

  • Processing of thermosetting and thermoplastic-matrix composites
  • Fundamental transport property determination: conductivity; permeability
  • Investigations on microscale and nanoscale phenomena
  • Process optimization and control using physics-based models 

Carbon Nanotube-reinforced Composites (NSF)

  • Rheology and chemical reaction kinetics in the presence of CNT’s
  • Damping characteristics of composites with carbon nanotubes with applications to rotational structures (example: wind turbines, helicopter blades

Energy (Army, Department of Energy)

  • Thermal energy storage for concentrating solar power
  • Passive fuel cells and micro fuel cells
  • Cell modeling and performance optimization under uncertainty
  • Measurement and prediction of contact resistance

Microsystems (Sandia National Lab, NSF)

  • Fabrication of high-aspect ratio microstructures (HARMs)
  • Nanoscale reinforced and nanostructured materials for microparts
  • Reliability of microdevices

Information Technology in Materials Processing (NSF-ITR)

  • Agent-based computing paradigm for rapid simulation and optimization of materials processing-application to optical fiber drawing